An Improved Anonymous Multi-Server Remote User Authentication Scheme using Smart Card

Subhasish Banerjee, Manash Pratim Dutta, C. T. Bhunia


As computer networks becomes an essential part of our daily life, protecting the resources from unauthorized users come forward with more challenging and complicated task for researchers. From the last few decades, many numbers of password-based authentication schemes have been adopted in multi-server environment to protect the resources from any adversary means. Recently, X. Li et al. proposed a dynamic-id based remote user authentication scheme and claimed that their scheme can provides more security than existing schemes and suitable for practical application. But, in this paper we have shown that, their scheme is not too much secure as they claimed and it can suffer from stolen smart card attack, user impersonate attack and lacking of some important features of smart card as well. To overcome these security flaws, we propose an improved anonymous authentication scheme, which can remove not only all the identified security weakness but also satisfies more functionality features.

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