The Transmission Multicast and The Control of QoS For IPv 6 Using The Infrastructure MPLS



Recently there has been several literatures about congestion control in an Unicast/Multicast environment and also some authors tried to be exhaustive as they discussed about managing Quality of Service (QoS) under DiffServ and IntServ. Although Multiprotocol label Switching (MPLS)Traffic and routing control, and as well as IPv6 control QoS were discussed by certain researchers these decades, however finding a paper about MPLS and the way to control QoS for IPv6 is quite difficult. MPLS routing control and multicast transmission are concerned with the handling of traffic flows during normal predictable network conditions. Overload control addresses the handling of traffic flows during unexpected or unusual conditions such as holidays, catastrophes (e.g., earthquakes), or equipments failures. To save network resources, multicast transmissions are more and more adopted by operators when the same information has to reach several destinations in parallel, such as in IPTV services, radio broadcast and video-clip s reaming. Though, with respect to unicast transmissions, multicast sessions make the routing problem more complex with huge sets of trees to be evaluated. Multicast focuses on the scenario whereby an entity transmitter needs to forward a datagram to others multiple receivers. In this work, we use to create an Multicast Environment Group to share data with opening UDP Tunnel and overlay topology to control message just like in an VPN, and give better management of QoS. Experimental results will be provided to show the performance of the proposed technique compared with Unicast transmissions solutions in terms of bandwidth utilization and the QoS control as well as to illustrate the importance of the Congestion control in an MPLS Environment.

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