SD-AREE: An Advanced Modified Caesar Cipher Method to Exclude Repetition from a Message

Somdip Dey


In modern world, keeping information (data) safe and secure is of highest priority. In this paper the author presents a new cryptographic technique, SDAREE, to exclude the repetitive terms in a message, when it is to be encrypted, so that it becomes almost impossible for a person to retrieve or predict the original message from the encrypted message. In modern world, cryptography hackers try to break a cryptographic algorithm or try to retrieve the key, which is needed to encrypt a message (data), by analyzing the insertion or presence of repetitive bits / characters (bytes) in the message and encrypted message to find out the encryption algorithm or the key used for it. So it is must for a good encryption method to exclude the repetitive terms such that no trace of repetitions can be tracked down. For this reason, we apply SD-AREE cryptographic method to exclude repetitive terms from a message, which is to be encrypted. SD-AREE is a modified Caesar Cipher Technique along with advanced bit-manipulation cryptographic method. In SD-AREE method the repetitive bits / characters (bytes) are removed and there is no trace of any repetition in the message. SD-AREE method can also be used for network security as well.

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