Mobile Geographic Information System Platform (MGISP): A GPS Information Collection System

Abdelilah Azyat, Naoufal Raissouni, Nizar Ben Achhab, Mohamad Lahraoua, Asaad Chahboun


All Goegraphic Information Sysyem (GIS) data acquisition devices can acquire ample valuable attribute information. This information will be edited and georeferenced, then stored in the spatial database. Georeferencing process is very necessary because these data will be integrated with other information from multi-sources. Field data collection is always a difficulty for cartographers, surveyors and researchers. The tools available for mapping applications have been bulky in size and weight, expensive, and difficult to learn for a long time. Fortunately, the advances of remote sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, GIS and some data edit and analysis softwares drive the field data collection. The advance refers not only precision has been improved, but also the hardware has become smaller, lighter, and cheaper. The software has become easier to learn, and more inexpensive; so the data collection task becomes easier, more economical and faster to complete. MGISP is based on GPS data with other services of map rendering used in the field for GIS projects. The Trimble Juno SC GPS receiver has been used on purpose to collecting GPS information and testing.

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