Normalized Image Watermarking Scheme Using Chaotic System

G.Rosline Nesakumari, S. Maruthuperumal


In contemporary years, different watermarking schemes are proposed for image authentication and copyright protection. In this paper, a novel normalized image watermarking scheme along with chaotic system (NCS) for higher embedding capacity and better robustness is presented. Normalization is useful to recover the watermark even in case of geometrical attacks. Arnold cat map and logistic map allows the proposed watermarking system to remain comprehensible for non experts and become more pleasant. The proposed method overcomes the degradation problem by embedding the watermarks in visually insensitive locations. Quite a lot of experiments have been carried out to test the performance of the proposed system against different attack scenarios. The proposed method highlights security, invisibility and quality, by preserving the original image, while maintaining robustness against common signal processing operations and attacks.

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