Effective Performance of Dynamic Source Routing Protocol on Random Waypoint Model (RWM) Using CBR

Jogendra Kumar


Mobile ad hoc network is a collection of wireless nodes that communicate to each other without using any infrastructure, access point, or centralized network. Each nodes have own capability to receiving and forwarding packet each other device in mobile ad hoc network. In this article, showing the performance of dynamic source routing protocol based on the broadcasting data on nodes placement scenarios using random waypoint model (RWM). Broadcast packet on CBR that means constant bit rate data transfer constantly on random waypoint model and showing the effective performance of dynamic source routing protocol in mobile ad hoc network (MANET).The performance analysis is based on different network metrics such as Number of Hop Counts, Number of Routes Selected, Number of RREP Received, and Number of RREQ discarded for loop, Number of RREQ received, Number of Duplicate RREQ received, Number of RREQ Retried, and Number of Data Packets Dropped for no route, Number of RREQ Forwarded, Number of RREQ TTL expired and Residual Battery Capacity.

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