Defending IP Spoofing Attack and TCP SYN Flooding Attack in Next Generation Multi-hop Wireless Networks

I. Diana Jeba Jingle, Elijah Blessing Rajsingh


Multi-hop wireless networks are normally affected by TCP SYN flooding and IP address spoofing attacks. TCP SYN flooding occurs while establishing a TCP connection for data transmission. But, even after a TCP connection is established, TCP protocol is flooded by a novel connection flooding attack which aims at consuming the entire bandwidth allocated to a network. Although effective techniques exist to combat SYN flooding, no single standard remedy for defending this novel flooding attack on TCP has emerged. In this paper, we describe the attack and provide an overview and assessment of existing defense mechanisms and we propose a novel defense mechanism which not only involve in defending such flooding attack but also prevents IP spoofing which is the gateway for such flooding attacks. The performance analysis is carried out and we prove the effectiveness of the proposed defense mechanism in terms of time delay and false positive rates.

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