Hierarchical Wireless Mesh Networks Scalable Secure Framework

K. Ganesh Reddy, P. Santi Thilagam


Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are more scalable than any other wireless networks, because of its unique features such as interoperability, integration and heterogeneous device support. Lacks of robust existing services in WMNs all the features are more vulnerable to various types of attacks. Hence, protect the scalability of WMNs against adversary nodes is a major issue. In this paper, we design Scalable Secure Framework (SSF) to address the scalability issue in WMNs. SSF is designed two algorithms: router authentication and deauthentication on backbone mesh to protect against unauthorized access and colluding attackers. SSF also secures integration and interoperability features of WMN by enhancing security features in 802.11s and Wi-Fi. Eventually security analysis results show that SSF effectively protects against imprinting, replay attack and node deprivation attacks.

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