Research on node localization algorithm based on CNRD in wireless sensor network

Alireza Souri, Monire Norouzi


This paper puts forward the node localization Algorithm based on cellular network regional division, i.e. below the range-free circumstance, network topological Structure is built up, targeting unit cellular network and cluster cellular network; the deployment strategies of placing anchor nodes at the vertex and the center of each unit cellular are adopted, in order to divide the region according to the geometrical characteristic of the whole network; then match the estimated positions of the unknown nodes with the areas which meet the conditions, in accordance with the hop number relationship between nodes; thus localize the unknown nodes. The MATLAB 10.0 b adopted to conduct the algorithm simulation test and analyze the results. As is shown, with regard to unit cellular network and cluster cellular network, if under the condition of the same density of anchor nodes, the positioning error reaches 20% in average. Also the positioning accuracy is stable. It is concluded that the algorithm is more suitable for large-scale wireless sensor network localization.

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