On Information Overload Subjugation: Proposing an Intelligent Data Warehouse (IDW) Model

Patrick Mukala, Prof. Van der Walt


In this information era, information overload poses a major threat for critical decision making in organizations. From airline industries and manufacturing companies getting the right information at the right time has constituted a major factor for business growth and success. This requires efficient data management tools for information processing. The quest for improved data management tools has been at the heart of data engineering research for many years. However, in spite of such efforts, organizations inevitably and constantly continue to hit the information overload wall. In this paper, we propose a way of using agent technology in data warehouses in order to mitigate the effects of information overload. We propose a layering model called Intelligent Data Warehouse (IDW) for data processing and information retrieval optimization. We give an example of how communication would occur if this model were applied, as well as how ontology for the model could be developed. Finally, we use a case study to simulate aspects of the model, such as the interactions between agents in a context of multi-agent environments, in order to illustrate the occurrence of delegation and information-processing when the suggested model is applied.

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