A Tool to Analyze Symmetric Key Algorithms

T. D. B Weerasinghe


With the growth of the internet and the interconnectivity of computer and data networks, security of data transmission has always been a concern of many stakeholders of information and communication arena. Among them, the researchers who work in the field of Cryptography and Network Security pay a lot attention to deliver highly secured and cost effective security mechanism and/or systems. Many types of cryptographic tools are available in open literature/internet, but this tool provides a mechanism to visualize the security levels of the symmetric key algorithms w.r.t Shannon’s theories on secrecy of ciphers. The tool can be used to analyze the secrecy and performance levels of many symmetric key algorithms and it is capable of analyzing plaintext in the form of character inputs (passwords). More importantly this tool and can be extended to evaluate combined algorithms as well as new symmetric key algorithms, hence the targeted users of this tools are researches and software engineers who are in the field of Cryptography and Network Security

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