Using Steganography to Product a New Message Authentication Code Scheme inside Cloud Environment

Ali A.Yassin Al-Amrei


In the era of cloud computing, the securities of cryptography schemes play more attention in key-dependent plaintexts. Preserving the confidentiality and integrity of the message transmitted between the components of the cloud environment is one of the most important goals of Message Authentication Code (MAC). Furthermore, the MAC protocol suffers from several malicious attacks such as forgery attack, Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack; reflect attack, and key recovery attack. In this paper, an efficient MAC scheme based on data hiding technique of image is proposed. This scheme is embedded the bits of MAC using least significant-bit (LSB) to enable a large message capacity. Furthermore, our proposed scheme overcomes above aforementioned issues. Additionally, our proposed scheme includes many security characteristics like user's message anonymity, data integrity for user's message, session key agreement, and one time message code for each user's session. Security analysis and experimental results illustrate that our proposed scheme can withstand the common security attacks as well, and has a good performance of message authentication code .

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