A Faster and Efficient Image Encryption Algorithm Using Color Object, Byte Confusion and Diffusion

Parameswaran Bose


There are lots of efficient algorithms proposed for image encryption by using chaotic maps in the literature. But time is the main constraint for encrypting and decrypting the images. Even a small image of 256*256 resolution is taking more time for encryption and decryption. Because the computation takes more time for generating permutation sequence from the chaotic sequence elements by using linear search. In this paper we propose a new, faster and efficient algorithm for color images to generate the permutation sequence from the chaotic sequence elements by using the binary search method. The proposed algorithm produces a cipher of the test images that has good confusion and diffusion properties and was verified to provide a high security level. The results of several experiments show that the proposed algorithm for image cryptosystems provides an efficient and secure approach to real-time image encryption and transmission.

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