Optimized Partial Image Encryption Using Pixel Position Manipulation Technique Based on Region of Interest

Parameshachari B D, Dr. K M Sunjiv Soyjaudah, Dr. Sumithra Devi K A


Today’s, the most important locomotive to provide confidentiality is image encryption. In real-time applications the classical and modern ciphers are not appropriate because of vast quantity of data. However, certain applications like Pay-TV or Payable Internet Imaging Albums do not require entire part of an encryption, but requires a part of the image to be transparent to all users. Partial encryption is an approach to encode only the most essential portion of the data in order to afford a proportional confidentiality and to trim down the computational requirements and also execution time for encryption is reduced. In this paper, partial image encryption of color images using pixel position manipulation technique based on region of interest is proposed. It offers the amenities of partial encryption and rebuilds the images partially. Here input image is divided in to sub blocks, then selected blocks are encrypted using the proposed technique. The proposed technique promises the rapid security by encrypting the selected blocks of an image.

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