Algorithm to Detect Spurious Communications in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Muhammad Aamir, Shabbir Mukhi


Vehicular ad hoc network is a form of mobile ad hoc networks in which end nodes are vehicles communicating to each other without a central control or pre-defined infrastructure. An important security consideration is event based alerts received by VANET nodes. In the presence of attackers, a chance to receive malicious alerts is increased and a response to such messages by the receiver can be dangerous. Therefore, an algorithm is designed to detect such communications in order to protect vehicles in VANET environments. The focus in this paper remains on the evaluation of proposed algorithm in terms of computational requirements. The computational complexity of suggested algorithm is determined to be in O(n 2 ) after computing the processing costs at individual levels of execution. It is also found that the algorithm is an efficient scheme of detecting spurious alert messages in VANETs as compared to some other suggested methods with equivalent or higher computation cost.

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