A Novel Approach for Enciphering Data based ECC using Catalan Numbers

F. Amounas, E. H. El Kinani, M. Hajar


With the explosion of networks and the huge amount of data transmitted along, securing data content is becoming more and more important. Applied number theory has so many applications in cryptography. Particularly integer sequences play very important in cryptography. The cryptosystem based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography is becoming the recent trend of public key cryptography. In the present paper novel elliptic curve encryption algorithm were proposed basing on integer sequences of Catalan numbers. The data is encrypted using a proposed approach and then scrambled the message with the help of the concept of spiral matrix, which increase the security of the message before sending across the medium. Thus the sending and receiving of message will be safe and secure with an increased confidentiality. A comparison of the proposed technique with existing algorithms as TripleDES and AES has been done in encryption & decryption time.

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