PDH-Clustering in wireless sensor networks

Hamta Sedghani, Mina Zolfy Lighvan


In this paper a Priority based dynamic clustering with hierarchical cluster head method named PDH-Clustering is presented. Wireless sensor network (WSN) with hundreds of sensor nodes are distributed to receive data from the environment. They are able to analyze and monitor the environment. Nowadays, using of WSNs is increasing. Thus, detection of its obstacles and consideration of them is important. One of the major obstacles in WSN is an energy-efficient routing protocol to enhance the network life time. Many energy-efficient routing protocols proposed for WSNs are based on clustering method. In this paper, a new energy effective routing method is presented which is based on dynamic clustering. The proposed algorithm is verified with MATLAB simulator. Simulation results show that the new method could balance the energy consumption and increase the stable period of network compared to LEACH protocol.

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