Graph Structured Data Security using Trusted Third Party Query Process in Cloud Computing

Prakash G L, Dr. Manish Prateek, Dr. Inder Singh


Cloud computing enables the users to outsource  and access data economically from the distributed cloud server. Once the data leaves from data owner premises, there is no privacy guarantee from the untrusted parties in cloud storage system. Providing data privacy for the outsourced sensitive data is a challenging task in cloud  computing.  In  this  paper  we have proposed a Trusted Third party Query Process(TTQP) method to provide data privacy for graph structured outsourced data. This method utilize the encrypted graph frequent features search index list to search the matched query graph features in graph data base. The proposed  system  has  analyzed  in  terms of different size of data graphs, index  storage,  query  feature  size and query execution time.  The  performance  analysis  of our proposed system shows, this method is  more  secure  than the existing privacy preserving encrypted Query Graph(PPQG) method.

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