A Novel Priority-Based Path Computation Approach for Finding Domain Sequences in PCE-Based Multi-domain Networks

Fatemeh Banaie, Mohammad Hosein Yaghmaee Moghadam


During recent decades new routing paradigms based on policies and quality of service provisioning have been proposed. The aim of these constraint based path selection algorithms is to satisfy a set of quality of service constraints. This can help to reduce costs and balance network load. Path computation algorithms pose new challenges when extending them to larger inter-domain networks. The process of path computation in these complex cases could be delivered to the external nodes like PCEs. In inter-domain cases, path computation schemes are more prone to blocking due to the long response time of the requests. To address this issue, we propose an algorithm to find the domain sequences in computing the end-to-end path from the source to the destination. The proposed algorithm also increases the number of successful requests while minimizing the blockage in network. The main advantage of the algorithm is to improve the overall network utilization, which can be seen in simulation results.

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